In the early hours of Friday, the 22nd day of February 2019, I had series of amazing visions and revelations. I suddenly found myself in the realm of the Spirit. In this high realm, my eyes were open to see God’s wonderful plans for the Church in Nigeria and other nations of the world. In this great encounter, my room was filled with the awesome presence of God’s Spirit. This caused a great quake; so much that I trembled on my bed.

Visions & Revelations Concerning The Church

I saw heaven open and a white dove descending with a terrific speed. There was a thick white smoke any direction it went and instantly, this metamorphosed into a white cloud. I heard a loud voice out of the white cloud, “this is the glory of the latter house. I will fill all the earth with the glory of my knowledge as water covers the sea”. This revelation shows that the church is on the verge of a revival of HIS glory. The Holy Spirit will descend afresh upon the church which is the house of God’s glory with the revival of glory, holiness and power. In this revival, God shall fill the whole earth with the knowledge of his glory, holiness and power. The glory of the latter house is the earnest expectation of the Church and the only hope of this generation. This is because it is the divine visitation of God in this end-time that will culminate in spiritual awakening and manifestation of the sons of God who will bring deliverance to the world. In the days of these spiritual awakening, nations will come under the mighty influence of God’s Spirit and this will result in irresistible conviction of sin, conversion of sinners and restoration of backsliders. According to God’s prophetic calendar, we are almost in the season of the latter rain. The clouds are gathering. There are sounds of abundance of rain. The wind that brings rain is blowing already. Get ready, for we shall have showers any moment from now!
Let us now pray.

Pastor Godwin Omata
March 2019

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